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↑ July. 2015 'The only spiral would meet the fact 3', 2 Glass frames (Each 841 x 1189mm). For Work Space Brussel + Kaai Studio



↑ July. 2015 'The only spiral would meet the fact 2', A2 poster (Risography + Offset). 4 posters


↑ June. 2015 Publication and Poster, Curatorial programme Final Project, de Appel art centre, Amsterdam


↑ 2014-2015. Publication for Sonja Lau.


↑ 2015 For maHKU, Utrecht


↑ 2014 for Erik Lindner's book, One of the proposals.


↑ 24. June. 2015 ‘A Call for Drawings’, presentation / conference as part of an interdisciplinary research project by Klaas Hoek BAK, Utrecht. Exhibition design. Link


↑ 1. April. 2015 ‘Tafels’ (Tables), Flemish-Dutch presentation of artist books at Art Brussels and Art Rotterdam. ‘I CAN'T GIVE YOU AN ANSWER AS MATTERS STAND‘ was there.



↑ 27. March. 2015 Book presentation for ‘WHAT IF..’ with Bik Van der Pol at Print room, Rotterdam



↑ 2015 Publication and Poster for Alexis Blake


↑ 2015 Another leaflet for Alexis


↑ 2015 Christmas / New years greeting card for 8 yrs


↑ 2014 Poster for Rita Ponce de León (Kunsthalle Basel). Photography by Rodrigo Hernández


↑ 2014 I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANSWER AS MATTERS STAND (Publication and installation: Van Eyck - Open studio/ Fons welters - Group show 'Sometimes something happens')



↑ 2014 The dot on the wall, Publication for Van Eyck. With Risography + Comcolor
Presentation with Reading performance



↑ 2014-2015 Coloring-book